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Unpack 64 bit Executable

This is what Exeinfo PE says about my file.

64 bit executable -> *** Unknown EXE - 100% packed/protected - CPU : AMD [ Checksum Set ] [DebuG] - Win Vista

Do you know how can i unpack it in order to analyze it, debug it etc.?

Edit: Tried with another PE analyzer on this site. Says K.Kryptor 3.


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  • Too less infos to give you an help! Please provide MD5 hash and tell us if it's a malware or not.


  • Generated MD5 hash with online tool, but doesn't give results on google. So it's useless to give it.
    It's not a malware, it is the excutable of a PC game that of course i own and i want to crack it as a challenge.
  • OK! Anyway we are not magician nor fortune-teller, so if you want to tell us what this software is, what is your findings so far, etc...
  • We are talking about Hitman. I am studying it with IDA and x64dbg.
    Noticed previous Denuvo Crack Releases weren't decrypted, if i open them with PE analyzer tools say there are still 100% packed/protected(many with Denuvo still on them). It is possible to crack a game if before you don't decrypt it and remove protection?
  • I have not esperience with this kind of protection but I think that it's really hard to crack something before that you remove any kind of protection. If so, what would be the purpouse of installing such a kind of protection?

    PS: I'm trying to guess


  • Remove this protection is a reverse engineering challenge. Previous cracks of Denuvo didn't remove the protection, rather they bypassed. I am studying them...
  • Yes, bypass approach is a possible way to evade the protection schemes, sure. But like I have said, I have not expercience with such kind of protection. If someone have, I belive that will reply to this thread ASAP.

    Ok, let us know your findings!

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