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Microsoft hiring talented security engineers

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Hello guys,
I know I know epokh is back .... it's been a while since I have been on this forum so I am bringing a gift : I am (or better Microsoft) is looking to hire talented engineers for our team in the UK (secret location outside London) where we develop intrusion detection systems based on machine learning .
Yes is big data and there is a lot of work to do, ideally the candidate would have the following criteria:
(1) worked in a security related company before or provided consultancy for similar companies
(2) is either knowledgeable enough to do host based or network based log analysis
(3) worked with big data and frameworks for distributed computing like Hadoop et similars
(4) optionally has done some threat intel analysis
(5) optionally has a reverse engineering background (which I think most people have here!)
(6) has applied machine learning for intrusion detection in any form or shape

If you think you have any of those requisites don't be shy and send me your CV ( in english) of course, the hiring process is very fast and ware looking to get somebody to start after June.

The salary is quite compelling I can say and we already have 2 italians in the team (including me) so we are very multicultural (we also hired outside EU so you don't have to hold a EU passport) and will provide a relocation package (and yes we also move your cats and dogs for free) and expenses for the interview process.

Usually the first stage is a set of phone interviews followed by a face to face interview here in our secret location , I can only tell you the closer airport is Bristol!

With passion with love your old epokh!

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