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Reversing SJ4000 wifi Firmware

Hi all,
i'm a newbie about reversing.. I know a little bit of coding but obviously not enough..
I purchased an action cam (<a href="">sj4000 wifi</a>) and i'd like to tryto customize the firmware. Starting from just fixing some translation bugs, moving to edit the welcome screen, ending trying to edit the Dv performance.
I tried reversing the <a href="">firmware</a> reading a <a href="">tutorial</a>, but i had no luck.

This is basically what i got:

<a href="">Binwalk</a>
<a href="">Strings</a>

This is where i get stuck. Is there any chance to get something more ? Like dunno. A list of file. An archive with files to edit.. Etc etc.
I'm sorry if i said just a bunch of sh*t but like i said.. I have 0 experience in this.

Thanks to everyone willing to help me !!!



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