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Reverse engineering on FlexNET ASR Licence File

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Hi at all,
I'm not so new of reverse engineering, but I'm finding some difficulties on reverse engineering into FlexNET protection.

I have a powerful tool with a license manager to enable some features.
There are some three days licenses available, and there are ASR files. I clone one of these licence and the Licence Manager can see one licence more available, but if I try to enable this one I get the error "There is no valid ASR file".

So When I open the ASR file I get an XML file with a node tag "signature" at the end of the licence file.

So I got a solution: if I get reverse engineering, I try to get the correct signature of the ASR file.

So, I coming up to use first of all W32Dasm and I find an exe commandline tool which the Licence manager uses to enable the three days licences. I decompile this tool and I get the points where the software make control on ASR file, and I found where the tool get me "There is no valid ASR file".

But I think is not enough. I think I need to get the procedure where the Signature will be compared with the one on the XML "ASR" file.
Is there someone who can get me some trick for this reverse engineering?

Thanks a lot.
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